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I live in the Peace River region, like many of you, because I love this land, the waters, our animals, the birds, and especially our people. I am very grateful to work, live and learn in the traditional land of Treaty 8.

I see it as my job to support and mentor others who may be experiencing emotional upset, loss, or feelings of uncertainty—trauma of any sort—helping all my clients to experience feelings of hope and in believing of future possibilities.

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Alix McLauchlan, BEd, BSW, MSW   
Registered Clinical Social Worker

My passion is in helping others, who may be experiencing feelings of uncertainty and insecurities often within their relationships. I have extensive education, life and work experience in mentoring people in healing through all walks of life.

As your therapist, I strive to 'walk with you' as you work on life changes and journey towards new possibilities. I am with you to listen, mentor and provide you with new perspectives on life.

I address personal healing from a client centered, trauma informed, integrated approach. I often resource and coach, in helping you reach new understandings and deeper awareness. I support my clients in making new meanings in times of transition and change. Helping you to begin to look at your life with a wider lens of understanding of self and your connection with others.

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