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Peace of Mind Services

Are you struggling to cope, maybe feeling a little unhinged, unsure about what to do in life?

As the threat of COVID decreases many find an unsettling of  Self - be it symptoms of anxiety, depression or relational breakdown. You are not alone, however you may feel alone. I invite you to call for support.



Do you sometimes feel your thoughts and behaviours are keeping you a prisoner in the present? Is your past preventing you from connecting with others? Long term therapy is for those who are ready to begin their healing journey back to well-being.


Early winter Nov 22 snowman.JPG
Through an awakening of your senses and a quieting within the mind you can begin to become more aware in the present. Feeling safe and connected, you can experience the joy's of nature —be it through walking in the woods, listening to nature calls, or sitting by the river's edge.

Some say they have found ' a kindred lost friend' in reconnecting with nature. One that can always be there for you. 


Connecting from your own home. For those days when the weather is too bad or you just can't make it in. "Distance Intimacy Therapy"

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