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  Guiding You On the Path of Self-Healing
                    Long  Term Therapy

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Enjoying Nature

Long term therapy is typically for one who wishes to heal from past issues that may be keeping them from fully engaging in life. It is for those who may be ready to go within and heal from what is causing them to be stuck in the present​.​ Beginning on a path of transformation and new beginnings.

We don’t always respond with wisdom in the present moment. We believe we do; however, research has shown that our reactivity  can be caused by echoes of the past left unhealed, and may be upsetting us in the present. This can cause a windstorm of looping thoughts, painful feelings and much discomfort. It may have you feeling lost, depressed or stuck and very cautious in moving forward. Is this what you have been experiencing? Would you like support in exploring, moving in a less burdened direction?​ Help  in taking those first steps towards creating a new path in life, possibly one less traveled for you, and full of new opportunity? If so, reach out and make that courageous call for yourself to Peace of Mind Counselling & Therapy. I look forward to hearing from you.

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