Guiding You On the Path of Self-Healing
                    Long  Term Therapy

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Image by Eric Ward

Trauma therapy is typically for one who wishes to heal from long-term issues that are keeping them from engaging in life. It is for those who are ready to go within and heal from what is causing them to be stuck in the present​.​

We don’t always respond with wisdom to the present moment. We believe we do; however, research has shown that our reactivity  can be caused by echoes of the past left unhealed, and may be upsetting us in the present. This can cause painful thoughts, emotions, and past disturbing traumatic memories to be relived in the present. It may have you feeling stuck and cautious in moving forward. Is this what you have been experiencing?  Would you like some support?​

In trauma therapy, we can diminish the impact of your painful reactiveness or 'stuckness' and together help you feel the wellness within you again. You set the pace, experiencing hope and seeing new meaning and possibilities in the present and future.

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