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Therapeutic Approaches

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Your healing journey has less to do with a technique or approach but rather the opportunity for you to be heard and validated within a safe, confidential, secure therapeutic relationship. Many approaches are often used and interwoven in a single session.

    My specialties are helping you:

  • Decrease stuck thinking & addictive habits.
  • Diminish anxiety and depression
  • Helping you move towards healthier relationships
  • Couples' reconnection
  • Trauma healing 
  • Moving through life transitions
  • Movement Therapy- walk into wellness and new insight.
  • Grief support- here for you in the comfort of nature and solitude
  • NIHB & Residential school support, helping you give voice to your story and in your healing.
  • Use using expressive arts & nature. 
Contact me today to set up a session. I look forward to hearing from you.
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